K.Design, owned by Deiv Kilby, an epicurean international design consultant and qualified Landscape Architect, with 40 years experience. Using the influence of different cultures and traditions as a source of design inspiration, he has created unique and prestigious projects, ranging in scale from large tourist developments to private luxury gardens. Regardless of size. each project receives a highly personalized service, so original multi-faced designs combine aesthetics with practicalities to ensure attractive enduring realizations.
K.Design has an extensive and varied portfolio which includes projects in Regional Planning, Tourism and Leisure Master planning, Development and Golf Complexes, Leisure Resorts, Theme Parks, Public Parks, Prestigious Restaurants and Luxury private properties. Specializing in Arid, Mediterranean, Sub-Tropical and Tropical climates K.Design's projects span Worldwide, including UK, Norway, France, Eire, Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Brazil, USA, and Polynesia.
K.Design has a commitment to quality in design, with a conscious return to the traditional and direct approach where initial design ideas are hand drawn and translated through to reality by the designer themselves. The direct transformation of image to reality which comes from ones inner feelings and emotions, creating sensuous and luxurious instant mature landscapes, the beauty of Nature.


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Golf Developments

Luxury Garden design