By their very nature a golf course is to some extent artificial - the art is to manipulate the viewer into thinking it is natural.
The approach of K.Design is to work with nature, to creatively use what nature has provided whilst at the same time introducing significant ecological and aesthetic improvements to a site.
K.Design creates a balanced interface between the golf course and the residential developments or surrounding environment through it's use of sensitive landscape that helps integrate all the different elements, but at the same time provides vistas and protection.
In order to fully realize the design potential of a golf course development it is important to appreciate its values not only as a paradise for the professional as well as the amateur golfer, but also as an important scenic, ecological (flora and wildlife) and open space asset.
A stylish social venue, including in association with the club house, both active and passive top quality leisure facilities for the appreciation of golfers and none golfers alike.



K.Design have been very active in the development of Compact Golf, initiation and training centers that offer challenging practice conditions and experiences in a concentrated area.