K.Design specializes in the concept, detail design and site supervision of instant mature prestigious luxury gardens.
Deiv Kilby believes a garden should be lovely to look at and a delight to live in.Its beauty and magic is to be compared to that of a beautiful woman, it should be discovered slowly, taking time to uncover its hidden charm and secrets, directed by its perfume to explore and appreciate its mysteries in full. Acoherent garden doesn't occur by accident, it is a balance based on analysis and interpretation of the harmony combining aesthetics, science and practical use, an interlocking kaleidoscope of all its elements, the inter-relationship of man and nature.

  • Proven experience
  • Understanding of different environments and cultures
  • Commitment to quality
  • Desire and knowledge for detail
  • A passion for new and different challenges
  • Satisfaction in creating instant 'Mature Gardens'
  • Value for money